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. venv/bin/activate
export DEBUG=1
# Versioning
Version for the project is losely semver with no specific release schedule or meaning to version numbers (eg: stable/unstable).
Formal releases are created by creating a Git tag with the desired version number. These tags will trigger automated builds which will release the specified code under that version. Tags can be pushed from a local repository or created through the Gitlab interface:
Informal releases are created by new commits pushed/merged to the master. The version number of the last formal release will be suffixed with the current short Git SHA.
For all releases artifacts will be created. Currently only Docker containers are pushed into the [registry]( Each artifact will be tagged with the appropriate version (formal or informal). Where needed abstract tags will also be created/updated for these artifacts (eg: Docker build/staging/latest tags).
For local development informal release or a special `dev0` build release is used which indicates a different state from the formal releases.
# Thanks to
This project is being maintained by the [Internet Cleanup Foundation](
Special thanks to the SIDN Fonds for believing in this method of improving privacy.
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