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# Support fail map
We keep organizations on their toes to protect everyone's data. Do you like this? Your donation insures continuous support, updates,
and new features.
The Internet Cleanup Foundation helps cleaning up bad stuff on the web.
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# Requirements
- Python3
- Tox
Download and install git and python3 to get started.
- [git](
- [python3](
# Obtaining the software
In a directory of your choosing:
sudo easy_install pip
git clone
cd admin
# if you need a specific branch, for example "mapwebsite"
# git checkout mapwebsite
# Quickstart
It is advised to work within a Python virtualenv or use `direnv` (see below) to keep project
dependencies isolated and managed.
dependencies isolated and managed. (todo: how)
pip3 install -e .
failmap-admin migrate
failmap-admin loaddata testdata
failmap-admin createsuperuser
failmap-admin loaddata testdata # slow, get a coffee
failmap-admin rebuild-ratings # slow, also a tea
failmap-admin runserver
failmap-admin rebuild-ratings
Now login at:
Now visit the [website]( and/or the
[administrative interface ]( at
# Scanning services (beta)
......@@ -71,7 +103,7 @@ Be sure to active the environment before starting development every time:
. venv/bin/activate
# Thanks to
This project is being maintained by the Internet Cleanup Foundation.
This project is being maintained by the [Internet Cleanup Foundation](
Special thanks to the SIDN Fonds for believing in this method of improving privacy.
Thanks to the many authors contributing to open software.
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