Commit c92dbbb3 authored by Daniele Lacamera's avatar Daniele Lacamera

pico_defines.h only contains PICO_SUPPORT_ definitions

parent 3ee8cc5d
echo "#ifndef PICO_DEFINES_H" >$PREFIX/include/pico_defines.h
echo "/* PicoTCP - Definition file - DO NOT EDIT */" >$PREFIX/include/pico_defines.h
echo "/* This file is automatically generated at compile time */" >>$PREFIX/include/pico_defines.h
echo "#ifndef PICO_DEFINES_H" >>$PREFIX/include/pico_defines.h
echo "#define PICO_DEFINES_H" >>$PREFIX/include/pico_defines.h
echo >>$PREFIX/include/pico_defines.h
for i in $@; do
if (echo $i | grep "^-D" >/dev/null); then
if (echo $i | grep "^-D" |grep PICO_SUPPORT >/dev/null); then
my_def=`echo $i |sed -e "s/-D//g"`
echo "#define $my_def" >> $PREFIX/include/pico_defines.h
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