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    • Iskren Ivov Chernev's avatar
      Fix crash when xml editor is open and text is deleted · 0def709e
      Iskren Ivov Chernev authored
      GtkTreeView has selection and cursor. Selection is what appears selected
      and emits `changed` events. Cursor is another type of selected node,
      that follows what the user pressed last, and is used for keyboard
      navigation (like pressing up/down keys). When the selection is set
      programatically the cursor is not changed. To observe this behavior:
      * create 2 rectangles
      * open the XML editor, and select one of them via the editor
      * then using the select tool select the other rectangle (in the
      document). This automatically changes the selected node in the XML
      editor (but not the cursor!)
      * now return back to the XML document and press the UP arrow
      * you will notice that the newly selected row is not UP from the
      previous selection, it is up from the previous cursor (which was the one
      selected via the mouse)
      So now to issue #619.
      When a text node's content is selected in the XML editor, and then the
      text is double-clicked and deleted via the document, the cursor points to the content, and
      the selection points to the text node (there is a span in between).
          svg:text  <-- selection is here
              "text here" <-- cursor is here
      The deletion causes the text to be deleted, which causes tspan to be
      selected, because there is automatic cursor moving from the deleted node
      up. Automatically selecting the tspan in the xml editor causes the tspan
      to be selected in the document, which for some reason crashes, because
      it's empty? I haven't figured out why this crashes, but I figured it is
      not supposed to be selected.
      So instead, when the text node is double clicked we can also move the
      cursor to the svg:text element, and then the deletion of the contents
      won't cause the svg:tspan to be selected, and there will be no crash.
      In general it makes sense for the cursor to track the selection. Then
      the keyboard shortcuts (up/down) will move with the selection, and there
      won't be the situation described in the begining.
      Fixes #619.
      NOTE: It might still be practical to understand why selecting an empty
      svg:tspan causes a crash. The top of the stacktraces provided in #619
      list the offending calls.
      (cherry picked from commit 81a2c47b)
    • Jabier Arraiza's avatar
      Improvemets to multicolor-beta by Adam Belis · c21cd3fa
      Jabier Arraiza authored
      (cherry picked from commit db4a3c34)
    • marco riva's avatar
      Update it.po · 649e724b
      marco riva authored
      (cherry picked from commit e708ebc3)
    • René de Hesselle's avatar
      Extensions update for 1.0.x · 38bd5e10
      René de Hesselle authored
    • Kris De Gussem's avatar
      Dutch translation update · 85fa8c0a
      Kris De Gussem authored
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