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      Add extension to set attributes for bitmap images (bug #1357808) · cca96cf1
      su-v authored
      Inkscape >= 0.91 adds the attribute 'preserveAspectRatio'
      to imported bitmap images, and sets it to 'none' (to support
      non-uniform scaling). Unlike older versions it also respects the
      attribute for rendering. This change may break Inkscape documents
      with embedded or linked bitmap images which had been created with
      older versions of Inkscape (the images do not have the attribute
      set, and thus default to 'xMidYMid' with enforced uniform scaling).
      The extension allows to add the attribute to selected or all bitmap
      images in the current document (including bitmap images used as
      masks, which are stored in the <defs> section).
      Fixed bugs:
        - https://launchpad.net/bugs/1357808
      (bzr r14164)