Commit beeff0c9 authored by Nicolas Dufour's avatar Nicolas Dufour Committed by Nicolas Dufour

Preferences. Fix for Bug #686193 (Make linked offsets respect Relink duplicated clones settings).

Fixed bugs:

(bzr r10110)
parent ab5c39d6
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......@@ -659,7 +659,7 @@ void InkscapePreferences::initPageClones()
_page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_delete, "",
_("Orphaned clones are deleted along with their original"));
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("When duplicating original+clones:"));
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("When duplicating original+clones/linked offset:"));
_clone_relink_on_duplicate.init ( _("Relink duplicated clones"), "/options/relinkclonesonduplicate/value", false);
_page_clones.add_line(true, "", _clone_relink_on_duplicate, "",
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