Commit afc23108 authored by Thomas Holder's avatar Thomas Holder

Refactor rebase_hrefs with new URI API

- eliminates calls to Glib::path_is_absolute and Glib::build_filename
  with URI arguments. Those functions are only valid for filenames,
  not for URIs.
- Adds support for constructing relative URIs into parent directories.
parent 35206e72
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
#include "io/sys.h"
#include "object/sp-object.h"
#include "object/uri.h"
#include "xml/node.h"
#include "xml/rebase-hrefs.h"
......@@ -39,62 +40,12 @@ static bool href_needs_rebasing(std::string const &href)
* as a dependency and do it properly. For now we'll just try to be simple (while
* at least still correctly handling data hrefs). */
ret = false;
} else if (Glib::path_is_absolute(href)) {
/* If absolute then keep it as is.
* Even in the following borderline cases:
* - We keep it absolute even if it is in new_base (directly or indirectly).
* - We assume that if xlink:href is absolute then we honour it in preference to
* sodipodi:absref even if sodipodi:absref points to an existing file while xlink:href
* doesn't. This is because we aren't aware of any bugs in xlink:href handling when
* it's absolute, so we assume that it's the best value to use even in this case.)
/* No strong preference on what we do for sodipodi:absref. Once we're
* confident of our handling of xlink:href and xlink:base, we should clear it.
* Though for the moment we do the simple thing: neither clear nor set it. */
ret = false;
return ret;
static std::string calc_abs_href(std::string const &abs_base_dir, std::string const &href,
gchar const *const sp_absref)
std::string ret = Glib::build_filename(abs_base_dir, href);
if ( sp_absref
&& !Inkscape::IO::file_test(ret.c_str(), G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)
&& Inkscape::IO::file_test(sp_absref, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS) )
/* sodipodi:absref points to an existing file while xlink:href doesn't.
* This could mean that xlink:href is wrong, or it could mean that the user
* intends to supply the missing file later.
* Given that we aren't sure what the right behaviour is, and given that a
* wrong xlink:href value may mean a bug (as has occurred in the past), we
* write a message to stderr. */
g_warning("xlink:href points to non-existent file, so using sodipodi:absref instead");
/* Currently, we choose to use sodipodi:absref in this situation (because we
* aren't yet confident in xlink:href interpretation); though note that
* honouring a foreign attribute in preference to standard SVG xlink:href and
* xlink:base means that we're not a conformant SVG user agent, so eventually
* we hope to have enough confidence in our xlink:href and xlink:base handling
* to be able to disregard sodipodi:absref.
* effic: Once we no longer consult sodipodi:absref, we can do
* `if (base unchanged) { return; }' at the start of rebase_hrefs.
ret = sp_absref;
return ret;
Inkscape::Util::List<AttributeRecord const>
Inkscape::XML::rebase_href_attrs(gchar const *const old_abs_base,
gchar const *const new_abs_base,
......@@ -144,8 +95,16 @@ Inkscape::XML::rebase_href_attrs(gchar const *const old_abs_base,
* reversed.) */
std::string abs_href = calc_abs_href(old_abs_base, static_cast<char const *>(old_href), sp_absref);
std::string new_href = sp_relative_path_from_path(abs_href, new_abs_base);
auto uri = URI::from_href_and_basedir(static_cast<char const *>(old_href), old_abs_base);
auto abs_href = uri.toNativeFilename();
if (!Inkscape::IO::file_test(abs_href.c_str(), G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS) &&
Inkscape::IO::file_test(sp_absref, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)) {
uri = URI::from_native_filename(sp_absref);
auto new_href = uri.str(URI::from_dirname(new_abs_base).str().c_str());
ret = cons(AttributeRecord(href_key, share_string(new_href.c_str())), ret); // Check if this is safe/copied or if it is only held.
if (sp_absref) {
/* We assume that if there wasn't previously a sodipodi:absref attribute
......@@ -195,12 +154,14 @@ std::string Inkscape::XML::calc_abs_doc_base(gchar const *doc_base)
void Inkscape::XML::rebase_hrefs(SPDocument *const doc, gchar const *const new_base, bool const spns)
if (!doc->getBase()) {
using Inkscape::URI;
std::string old_abs_base = calc_abs_doc_base(doc->getBase());
std::string new_abs_base = calc_abs_doc_base(new_base);
std::string old_base_url_str = URI::from_dirname(doc->getBase()).str();
std::string new_base_url_str;
if (new_base) {
new_base_url_str = URI::from_dirname(new_base).str();
/* TODO: Should handle not just image but also:
......@@ -226,76 +187,44 @@ void Inkscape::XML::rebase_hrefs(SPDocument *const doc, gchar const *const new_b
for (std::vector<SPObject *>::const_iterator it = images.begin(); it != images.end(); ++it) {
Inkscape::XML::Node *ir = (*it)->getRepr();
std::string uri;
gchar const *tmp = ir->attribute("xlink:href");
if ( !tmp ) {
uri = tmp;
if ( uri.substr(0, 7) == "file://" ) {
uri = Glib::filename_from_uri(uri);
auto href_cstr = ir->attribute("xlink:href");
if (!href_cstr) {
// The following two cases are for absolute hrefs that can be converted to relative.
// Imported images, first time rebased, need an old base.
std::string href = uri;
if ( Glib::path_is_absolute(href) ) {
href = sp_relative_path_from_path(uri, old_abs_base);
// skip fragment URLs
if (href_cstr[0] == '#') {
// Files moved from a absolute path need a new one.
if ( Glib::path_is_absolute(href) ) {
href = sp_relative_path_from_path(uri, new_abs_base);
// make absolute
URI url;
try {
url = URI(href_cstr, old_base_url_str.c_str());
} catch (...) {
// Other bitmaps are either really absolute, or already relative.
#ifdef _WIN32
/* Windows relative path needs their native separators before we
* compare it to native baserefs. */
if ( !Glib::path_is_absolute(href) ) {
std::replace(href.begin(), href.end(), '/', '\\');
// skip non-file URLs
if (!url.hasScheme("file")) {
/* TODO: Most of this function currently treats href as if it were a simple filename
* (e.g. passing it to g_path_is_absolute, g_build_filename or IO::file_test, or avoiding
* changing non-file hrefs), which breaks if href starts with a scheme or if href contains
* any escaping. */
if ( href_needs_rebasing(href) ) {
std::string abs_href = calc_abs_href(old_abs_base, href, ir->attribute("sodipodi:absref"));
/* todo: One difficult case once we support writing to non-file locations is where
* existing hrefs in the document point to local files. In this case, we should
* probably copy those referenced files to the new location at the same time. It's
* less clear what to do when copying from one non-file location to another. We may
* need to ask the user in some way (even if it's as a checkbox), but we'd like to
* bother the user as little as possible yet also want to warn the user about the case
* of file hrefs. */
std::string new_href = sp_relative_path_from_path(abs_href, new_abs_base);
ir->setAttribute("sodipodi:absref", ( spns
? abs_href.c_str()
: nullptr ));
if (!Glib::path_is_absolute(new_href)) {
#ifdef _WIN32
/* Native Windows path separators are replaced with / so that the href
* also works on Gnu/Linux and OSX */
std::replace(new_href.begin(), new_href.end(), '\\', '/');
ir->setAttribute("xlink:href", new_href.c_str());
} else {
ir->setAttribute("xlink:href", g_filename_to_uri(new_href.c_str(), nullptr, nullptr));
/* impl: I assume that if !spns then any existing sodipodi:absref is about to get
* cleared (or is already cleared) anyway, in which case it doesn't matter whether we
* clear or leave any existing sodipodi:absref value. If that assumption turns out to
* be wrong, then leaving it means risking leaving the wrong value (if xlink:href
* referred to a different file than sodipodi:absref) while clearing it means risking
* losing information. */
// if path doesn't exist, use sodipodi:absref
if (!g_file_test(url.toNativeFilename().c_str(), G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)) {
auto spabsref = ir->attribute("sodipodi:absref");
if (spabsref && g_file_test(spabsref, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)) {
url = URI::from_native_filename(spabsref);
} else if (spns) {
ir->setAttribute("sodipodi:absref", url.toNativeFilename());
auto href_str = url.str(new_base_url_str.c_str());
ir->setAttribute("xlink:href", href_str);
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