Commit 9b4f34f4 authored by Marc Jeanmougin's avatar Marc Jeanmougin 👹

Merge branch 'fix-1417470' of

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......@@ -128,7 +128,8 @@ CairoRenderContext::CairoRenderContext(CairoRenderer *parent) :
......@@ -884,6 +885,13 @@ CairoRenderContext::finish(void)
if (_vector_based_target)
// PDF+TeX Output, see CairoRenderContext::_prepareRenderGraphic()
while (_omittext_missing_pages > 0) {
g_warning("PDF+TeX output: issuing blank PDF page at end (workaround for previous error)");
cairo_status_t status = cairo_surface_status(_surface);
......@@ -1435,8 +1443,29 @@ CairoRenderContext::_prepareRenderGraphic()
// Only PDFLaTeX supports importing a single page of a graphics file,
// so only PDF backend gets interleaved text/graphics
if (_is_omittext && _target == CAIRO_SURFACE_TYPE_PDF) {
if (_omittext_state == NEW_PAGE_ON_GRAPHIC)
if (_omittext_state == NEW_PAGE_ON_GRAPHIC) {
if (cairo_get_group_target(_cr) != cairo_get_target(_cr)) {
// we are in the middle of a group, i. e., between cairo_push_group() and cairo_pop_group().
// cairo_show_page() has no effect here!
// To ensure that the the generated TeX source doesn't try to include non-existing pages,
// we will later output an extra blank page.
// This is a workaround for bug #1417470.
g_warning("PDF+TeX output: Found text inside a clipped/masked group. This is not supported, the Z-order will be incorrect. Blank pages will be added to the PDF output to work around bug #1417470.");
} else {
// no group is active, create new page
// Output missing pages (workaround for the 'if' case above).
// With this solution, the Z-order is more wrong than necessary.
// It would be better to print the blank pages first, and then the actual current page.
// However, this isn't easily possible with cairo.
while (_omittext_missing_pages > 0) {
g_warning("PDF+TeX output: issuing blank PDF page (workaround for previous error)");
_omittext_state = GRAPHIC_ON_TOP;
......@@ -207,6 +207,7 @@ protected:
CairoClipMode _clip_mode;
CairoOmitTextPageState _omittext_state;
int _omittext_missing_pages;
cairo_pattern_t *_createPatternForPaintServer(SPPaintServer const *const paintserver,
Geom::OptRect const &pbox, float alpha);
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