Commit 930591eb authored by Diederik van Lierop's avatar Diederik van Lierop

Adjust some thresholds for finding intersections in elliptical arcs

Fixed bugs:

(bzr r14906)
parent 3d31e212
......@@ -570,13 +570,13 @@ void EllipticalArc::_filterIntersections(std::vector<ShapeIntersection> &xs, boo
std::vector<ShapeIntersection>::reverse_iterator i = xs.rbegin(), last = xs.rend();
while (i != last) {
Coord &t = is_first ? i->first : i->second;
assert(are_near(_ellipse.pointAt(t), i->point(), 1e-6));
assert(are_near(_ellipse.pointAt(t), i->point(), 1e-5));
t = timeAtAngle(t);
if (!unit.contains(t)) {
} else {
assert(are_near(pointAt(t), i->point(), 1e-6));
assert(are_near(pointAt(t), i->point(), 1e-5));
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