Commit 83bc196d authored by Patrick Storz's avatar Patrick Storz 🦄

Fix encoding of "title" label in win32 native file dialog

Fixed bugs
parent 17ff0a35
Pipeline #36213168 (#2011) passed with stages
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......@@ -1883,10 +1883,13 @@ UINT_PTR CALLBACK FileSaveDialogImplWin32::GetSaveFileName_hookproc(
pImpl = reinterpret_cast<FileSaveDialogImplWin32*>(ofn->lCustData);
// Create the Title label and edit control
pImpl->_title_label = CreateWindowEx(0, "STATIC", _("Title:"),
wchar_t *title_label_str = (wchar_t *)g_utf8_to_utf16(_("Title:"), -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);
pImpl->_title_label = CreateWindowExW(0, L"STATIC", title_label_str,
hParentWnd, NULL, hInstance, NULL);
if(pImpl->_title_label) {
if(dlgFont) SendMessage(pImpl->_title_label, WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)dlgFont, MAKELPARAM(FALSE, 0));
SetWindowPos(pImpl->_title_label, NULL, rST.left-rROOT.left,,
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