Commit 8394ba9d authored by Nicolas Dufour's avatar Nicolas Dufour Committed by Nicolas Dufour

Path. Fix for Bug #170225 (relative image paths instead of absolute).

Fixed bugs:

(bzr r10124)
parent 16bfe76a
......@@ -232,13 +232,40 @@ void Inkscape::XML::rebase_hrefs(SPDocument *const doc, gchar const *const new_b
for (GSList const *l = images; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
Inkscape::XML::Node *ir = static_cast<SPObject *>(l->data)->getRepr();
gchar const *const href = ir->attribute("xlink:href");
gchar * uri = g_strdup(ir->attribute("xlink:href"));
if (!uri) {
if (!strncmp(uri, "file://", 7)) {
uri = g_strdup(g_filename_from_uri(ir->attribute("xlink:href"), NULL, NULL));
// The following two cases are for absolute hrefs that can be converted to relative.
// Imported images, first time rebased, need an old base.
gchar * href = uri;
if (g_path_is_absolute(href)) {
href = (gchar *) sp_relative_path_from_path(uri, old_abs_base);
// Files moved from a absolute path need a new one.
if (g_path_is_absolute(href)) {
href = (gchar *) sp_relative_path_from_path(uri, new_abs_base);
// Other bitmaps are either really absolute, or already relative.
#ifdef WIN32
/* Windows relative path needs their native separators before we
* compare it to native baserefs. */
if (!g_path_is_absolute(href)) {
g_strdelimit(href, "/", '\\');
/* TODO: Most of this function currently treats href as if it were a simple filename
* (e.g. passing it to g_path_is_absolute, g_build_filename or IO::file_test, or avoiding
* changing non-file hrefs), which breaks if href starts with a scheme or if href contains
* any escaping. */
if (!href || !href_needs_rebasing(href)) {
......@@ -253,10 +280,21 @@ void Inkscape::XML::rebase_hrefs(SPDocument *const doc, gchar const *const new_b
* of file hrefs. */
gchar const *const new_href = sp_relative_path_from_path(abs_href, new_abs_base);
ir->setAttribute("xlink:href", new_href);
ir->setAttribute("sodipodi:absref", ( spns
? abs_href
: NULL ));
if (!g_path_is_absolute(new_href)) {
#ifdef WIN32
/* Native Windows path separators are replaced with / so that the href
* also works on Gnu/Linux and OSX */
ir->setAttribute("xlink:href", g_strdelimit((gchar *) new_href, "\\", '/'));
ir->setAttribute("xlink:href", new_href);
} else {
ir->setAttribute("xlink:href", g_filename_to_uri((gchar *) new_href, NULL, NULL));
/* impl: I assume that if !spns then any existing sodipodi:absref is about to get
* cleared (or is already cleared) anyway, in which case it doesn't matter whether we
* clear or leave any existing sodipodi:absref value. If that assumption turns out to
......@@ -264,8 +302,10 @@ void Inkscape::XML::rebase_hrefs(SPDocument *const doc, gchar const *const new_b
* referred to a different file than sodipodi:absref) while clearing it means risking
* losing information. */
// (No need to free href, it's guaranteed to point into uri.)
/* (No need to free new_href, it's guaranteed to point into used_abs_href.) */
// (No need to free new_href, it's guaranteed to point into abs_href.)
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