Commit 7068dfd0 authored by Jabier Arraiza's avatar Jabier Arraiza

Better word last commit

parent 4d5d4003
Pipeline #65990414 passed with stage
......@@ -788,7 +788,7 @@ bool StyleDialog::_on_foreach_iter(const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &iter)
Glib::ustring owner = row[_mColumns._colOwner];
if (owner.empty()) {
Glib::ustring value = _owner_style[row[_mColumns._colName]];
Glib::ustring tooltiptext = Glib::ustring(_("Invalid value set"));
Glib::ustring tooltiptext = Glib::ustring(_("Invalid property set"));
if (!value.empty()) {
tooltiptext = Glib::ustring(_("Used in ") + _owner_style[row[_mColumns._colName]]);
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