Commit 444263ab authored by Jabier Arraiza's avatar Jabier Arraiza

Fix typos by PeterK.

parent 99fa4a49
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......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ LPECopyRotate::LPECopyRotate(LivePathEffectObject *lpeobject) :
rotation_angle(_("Rotation angle"), _("Angle between two successive copies"), "rotation_angle", &wr, this, 60.0),
num_copies(_("Number of copies"), _("Number of copies of the original path"), "num_copies", &wr, this, 6),
gap(_("Gap"), _("Gap"), _("Gap space between copies, use small negative gaps to fix some joins"), &wr, this, 0.05),
copies_to_360(_("360º Copies"), _("No rotation angle, fixed to 360º"), "copies_to_360", &wr, this, true),
copies_to_360(_("360° Copies"), _("No rotation angle, fixed to 360°"), "copies_to_360", &wr, this, true),
mirror_copies(_("Mirror copies"), _("Mirror between copies"), "mirror_copies", &wr, this, false),
split_items(_("Split elements"), _("Split elements, this allow gradients and other paints."), "split_items", &wr, this, false),
......@@ -372,9 +372,9 @@ Gtk::Widget * LPECopyRotate::newWidget()
Gtk::HBox * hbox = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::HBox(false,0));
Gtk::Button * reset_button = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::Button(Glib::ustring(_("Reset styles"))));
reset_button->signal_clicked().connect(sigc::mem_fun (*this,&LPECopyRotate::resetStyles));
vbox->pack_start(*hbox, true,true,2);
hbox->pack_start(*reset_button, false, false,2);
reset_button->set_size_request(110, 20);
vbox->pack_start(*hbox, true, true, 2);
hbox->pack_start(*reset_button, false, false, 2);
if(Gtk::Widget* widg = defaultParamSet()) {
vbox->pack_start(*widg, true, true, 2);
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