Commit 2e5ce49e authored by Jasper van de Gronde's avatar Jasper van de Gronde

libgomp-1.dll has moved?

(bzr r10116)
parent 4d22a9f2
......@@ -705,7 +705,7 @@
<copy file="${devlibs}/bin/intl.dll" tofile="${dist}/libintl-2.dll"/>
<!-- MINGW support DLLs needed for openmp support -->
<copy todir="${dist}" file="${mingw_bin}/mingwm10.dll"/>
<copy todir="${dist}" file="${mingw}/lib/gcc/mingw32/bin/libgomp-1.dll"/>
<copy todir="${dist}" file="${mingw_bin}/libgomp-1.dll"/>
<!-- MSGFMT files -->
<copy todir="${dist}">
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