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Packaging/Snap: Add Scour as dependency

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......@@ -97,6 +97,7 @@ parts:
- lxml
- numpy
- scour
- pstoedit
- python-uniconvertor
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  • @ted.gould As I have no experience with Snap packages whatsoever:
    Did I understand correctly that they are supposed to include all dependencies they need and that there is no concept of "optional" dependencies or similar?

    Is there a possibility to install dependencies after building a snap package or do all changes require you to update it before users can use them?

    (BTW I created the "snap" tag in Launchpad as it seems we're getting quite few of these lately, in case you want to look into some of these).

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  • Yes, snap includes all of the dependencies and associated components in one package. The goal is to be able to create something that is recreatable, basically so that your testing aligns with what users actually get. The package format is optimized, compressed and diff'd, to make sure that it is relatively low cost to do that.

    I've looked through the LP bugs in the past, and most of them have been unfortunately limitations in the snap platform at the moment. I know the snap team is working on them, and I pinged them for an update, but we're really dependent on them to get the feature implemented before we can use it. I'll take another look though and try to leave some comments. Thanks for organizing them!

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