Commit 1a37b0cc authored by Kalev Lember's avatar Kalev Lember

appdata: Add 0.92.4 release info

Sync the release info with the appdata file in git master.
parent 0116ed1f
......@@ -33,6 +33,18 @@
<release version="0.92.4" date="2019-01-16">
<li>Improvements to the align and distribute tool</li>
<li>Support for piping standard input and output</li>
<li>The color slider can be constrained to stepped values</li>
<li>Performance improvements</li>
<li>Many bugfixes</li>
<li>And many more! See the full list at</li>
<release version="0.92.3" date="2018-03-23">
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