Commit 13368e18 authored by Sebastian Wüst's avatar Sebastian Wüst

Extensions: Corrected pySerial download information in plotting extension

(bzr r14893)
parent af7395f3
......@@ -144,10 +144,12 @@ class Plot(inkex.Effect):
import serial
except ImportError, e:
inkex.errormsg(_("pySerial is not installed."
+ "\n\n1. Download pySerial here (not the \".exe\"!):"
+ "\n2. Extract the \"serial\" subfolder from the zip to the following folder: C:\\[Program files]\\inkscape\\python\\Lib\\"
+ "\n3. Restart Inkscape."))
inkex.errormsg(_("pySerial is not installed. Please follow these steps:")
+ "\n\n" + _("1. Download and extract (unzip) this file to your local harddisk:")
+ "\n" + ""
+ "\n" + _("2. Copy the \"serial\" folder (Can be found inside the just extracted folder)")
+ "\n" + _(" into the following Inkscape folder: C:\\<Program files>\\inkscape\\python\\Lib\\")
+ "\n" + _("3. Close and restart Inkscape."))
# init serial framework
mySerial = serial.Serial()
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