Commit 0e9b9991 authored by Kris De Gussem's avatar Kris De Gussem Committed by Kris De Gussem

Last renamings of headers in Inkscape preferences (Bug #560751)

(bzr r10111)
parent beeff0c9
......@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@ void InkscapePreferences::initPageTools()
Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iter_tools = this->AddPage(_page_tools, _("Tools"), PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS);
_path_tools = _page_list.get_model()->get_path(iter_tools);
_page_tools.add_group_header( _("Bounding box to use:"));
_page_tools.add_group_header( _("Bounding box to use"));
_t_bbox_visual.init ( _("Visual bounding box"), "/tools/bounding_box", 0, false, 0); // 0 means visual
_page_tools.add_line( true, "", _t_bbox_visual, "",
_("This bounding box includes stroke width, markers, filter margins, etc."));
......@@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ void InkscapePreferences::initPageTools()
_page_tools.add_line( true, "", _t_bbox_geometric, "",
_("This bounding box includes only the bare path"));
_page_tools.add_group_header( _("Conversion to guides:"));
_page_tools.add_group_header( _("Conversion to guides"));
_t_cvg_keep_objects.init ( _("Keep objects after conversion to guides"), "/tools/cvg_keep_objects", false);
_page_tools.add_line( true, "", _t_cvg_keep_objects, "",
_("When converting an object to guides, don't delete the object after the conversion"));
......@@ -418,14 +418,14 @@ void InkscapePreferences::initPageTools()
this->AddPage(_page_selector, _("Selector"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SELECTOR);
AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_selector, "/tools/select", false);
_page_selector.add_group_header( _("When transforming, show:"));
_page_selector.add_group_header( _("When transforming, show"));
_t_sel_trans_obj.init ( _("Objects"), "/tools/select/show", "content", true, 0);
_page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_trans_obj, "",
_("Show the actual objects when moving or transforming"));
_t_sel_trans_outl.init ( _("Box outline"), "/tools/select/show", "outline", false, &_t_sel_trans_obj);
_page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_trans_outl, "",
_("Show only a box outline of the objects when moving or transforming"));
_page_selector.add_group_header( _("Per-object selection cue:"));
_page_selector.add_group_header( _("Per-object selection cue"));
_t_sel_cue_none.init ( _("None"), "/options/selcue/value", Inkscape::SelCue::NONE, false, 0);
_page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_cue_none, "",
_("No per-object selection indication"));
......@@ -646,20 +646,20 @@ void InkscapePreferences::initPageClones()
_clone_option_delete.init ( _("Are deleted"), "/options/cloneorphans/value",
SP_CLONE_ORPHANS_DELETE, false, &_clone_option_unlink);
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("When the original moves, its clones and linked offsets:"));
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("Moving original: clones and linked offsets"));
_page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_parallel, "",
_("Clones are translated by the same vector as their original"));
_page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_stay, "",
_("Clones preserve their positions when their original is moved"));
_page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_transform, "",
_("Each clone moves according to the value of its transform= attribute; for example, a rotated clone will move in a different direction than its original"));
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("When the original is deleted, its clones:"));
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("Deleting original: clones"));
_page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_unlink, "",
_("Orphaned clones are converted to regular objects"));
_page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_delete, "",
_("Orphaned clones are deleted along with their original"));
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("When duplicating original+clones/linked offset:"));
_page_clones.add_group_header( _("Duplicating original+clones/linked offset"));
_clone_relink_on_duplicate.init ( _("Relink duplicated clones"), "/options/relinkclonesonduplicate/value", false);
_page_clones.add_line(true, "", _clone_relink_on_duplicate, "",
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