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    Update Scour extension · 261e6676
    Patrick Storz authored
    * Update the Scour extension (scour.inkscape.py) to work with recent versions of the scour module (0.30 and later)
    * Strip the Scour module from Inkscape source code and use an external copy of instead (i.e. make it a requirement). This avoids any potential license issues with the Scour module's Apache license 2.0
    * Update Scour extension dialog (scour.inx)
      - add new settings added in Scour versions 0.29-0.31
      - attempt to arrange/group settings intuitively
      - convert "help" tabs to individual tooltips for each setting
    This also fixes bug #748639 since the overall height of the dialog is reduced by splitting settings across three tabs and removing the "Help" tabs (they caused the increased dialog height since they contained a huge amount of text)
    Fixed bugs:
      - https://launchpad.net/bugs/1411149
      - https://launchpad.net/bugs/748639
    (bzr r14574.1.1)
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