Verified Commit f7162ba3 authored by Thomas Holder's avatar Thomas Holder Committed by Marc Jeanmougin
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Fix drawing cache device scale when scale changes

Invalidate cached drawings when moving the Inkscape window from a HiDPI
display to a regular display. Fixes blurred rendering of cached items.
parent 2c738c3d
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......@@ -728,6 +728,11 @@ DrawingItem::render(DrawingContext &dc, Geom::IntRect const &area, unsigned flag
// Render from cache if possible
// Bypass in case of pattern, see below.
if (_cached && !(flags & RENDER_BYPASS_CACHE)) {
if (_cache && _cache->device_scale() != device_scale) {
delete _cache;
_cache = nullptr;
if (_cache) {
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