Commit e6d8ec3f authored by Ignacio Hernandez's avatar Ignacio Hernandez Committed by Thomas Holder
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Fix crash if `sb_up_arrow` cursor not available

Fixes inbox#1807

Closes !1425

Cherry-picked from master (c4d387e2)
parent 3c1c44f1
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......@@ -147,7 +147,10 @@ InkScale::on_motion_notify_event(GdkEventMotion* motion_event) {
// Can't see how to do this the C++ way since GdkEventMotion
// is a structure with a C window member. There is a gdkmm
// wrapping function for Gdk::EventMotion but only in unstable.
gdk_window_set_cursor( motion_event->window, cursor->gobj() );
// If the cursor theme doesn't have the `sb_up_arrow` cursor then the pointer will be NULL
if (cursor)
gdk_window_set_cursor( motion_event->window, cursor->gobj() );
return false;
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