Commit c65eeb6a authored by Marc Jeanmougin's avatar Marc Jeanmougin 👹 Committed by Marc Jeanmougin

update translators

(bzr r15184)
parent 42d434bc
......@@ -88,6 +88,8 @@ Louni Kandulna <[email protected]>, 2014.
Luca Bruno <[email protected]>, 2005.
Lucas Vieites Fariña<[email protected]>, 2003-2013.
Mahesh subedi <[email protected]>, 2006.
Marcin Floryan <marcin.floryan+inkscape (at)>, 2016.
Maren Hachmann <[email protected]>, 2015-2016.
Martin Srebotnjak, <[email protected]>, 2005, 2010.
Masatake YAMATO <[email protected]>, 2002.
Masato Hashimoto <[email protected]>, 2009-2014.
......@@ -549,6 +549,8 @@ void AboutBox::initStrings() {
"Luca Bruno <[email protected]>, 2005.\n"
"Lucas Vieites Fariña<[email protected]>, 2003-2013.\n"
"Mahesh subedi <[email protected]>, 2006.\n"
"Marcin Floryan <marcin.floryan+inkscape (at)>, 2016.\n"
"Maren Hachmann <[email protected]>, 2015-2016.\n"
"Martin Srebotnjak, <[email protected]>, 2005, 2010.\n"
"Masatake YAMATO <[email protected]>, 2002.\n"
"Masato Hashimoto <[email protected]>, 2009-2014.\n"
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