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Update Catalan translation

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......@@ -31847,7 +31847,7 @@ msgstr "Mostra o oculta els regles del llenç"
#: ../src/verbs.cpp:2972
msgid "Scroll_bars"
msgstr "_Barres de desplaçament"
msgstr "Barr_es de desplaçament"
#: ../src/verbs.cpp:2973
msgid "Show or hide the canvas scrollbars"
......@@ -31883,7 +31883,7 @@ msgstr "Mostra o amaga la barra d'ordres (sota el menú)"
#: ../src/verbs.cpp:2981
msgid "Sn_ap Controls Bar"
msgstr "_Barra de controls d'ajustament"
msgstr "B_arra de controls d'ajustament"
#: ../src/verbs.cpp:2982
msgid "Show or hide the snapping controls"
......@@ -31891,7 +31891,7 @@ msgstr "Mostra o amaga els controls d'ajustament"
#: ../src/verbs.cpp:2983
msgid "T_ool Controls Bar"
msgstr "_Barra de controls d'eines"
msgstr "Barra _de controls d'eines"
#: ../src/verbs.cpp:2984
msgid "Show or hide the Tool Controls bar"
......@@ -35368,7 +35368,7 @@ msgstr "Alçada de seguretat Z per G00 movent-se sobre blanc:"
#: ../share/extensions/gcodetools_orientation_points.inx:17
#: ../share/extensions/gcodetools_path_to_gcode.inx:44
msgid "Units (mm or in):"
msgstr "Unitats (mm or in):"
msgstr "Unitats (mm o in):"
#: ../share/extensions/gcodetools_area.inx:88
#: ../share/extensions/gcodetools_dxf_points.inx:34
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