Commit 5a528acc authored by Tavmjong Bah's avatar Tavmjong Bah Committed by Tavmjong Bah

Use geometric bounding box for fill, visual for stroke in creating mesh.

(bzr r15175)
parent cb93d88b
......@@ -1036,7 +1036,8 @@ static void sp_mesh_new_default(MeshTool &rc) {
// Get corresponding object
SPMeshGradient *mg = static_cast<SPMeshGradient *>(document->getObjectByRepr(repr));
mg->array.create(mg, *i, (*i)->visualBounds());
mg->array.create(mg, *i, (fill_or_stroke == Inkscape::FOR_FILL) ?
(*i)->geometricBounds() : (*i)->visualBounds());
bool isText = SP_IS_TEXT(*i);
sp_style_set_property_url (*i, ((fill_or_stroke == Inkscape::FOR_FILL) ? "fill":"stroke"),
......@@ -1045,6 +1046,11 @@ static void sp_mesh_new_default(MeshTool &rc) {
if (css) {
css = 0;
DocumentUndo::done(desktop->getDocument(), SP_VERB_CONTEXT_MESH, _("Create mesh"));
// status text; we do not track coords because this branch is run once, not all the time
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