Commit 441de01b authored by Tavmjong Bah's avatar Tavmjong Bah Committed by Bryce Harrington
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Don't block data entry into the text-tool font-size entry widget after an empty entry.

(bzr r15546)
(cherry picked from commit a1aa673e

Signed-off-by: su-v's avatarsu-v <>
parent 7d671050
......@@ -208,6 +208,7 @@ static void sp_text_fontsize_value_changed( Ink_ComboBoxEntry_Action *act, GObje
if (endptr == text) { // Conversion failed, non-numeric input.
g_warning( "Conversion of size text to double failed, input: %s\n", text );
g_free( text );
g_object_set_data( tbl, "freeze", GINT_TO_POINTER(FALSE) );
g_free( text );
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