Verified Commit 1fcc335a authored by Tavmjong Bah's avatar Tavmjong Bah Committed by Marc Jeanmougin
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If no unit is defined in preferences for /tools/measure/units, no unit is used...

If no unit is defined in preferences for /tools/measure/units, no unit is used in calculating knot position
with the pop-up, leading to values of -1 for 'x' and 'y'.
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......@@ -428,7 +428,7 @@ void MeasureTool::knotClickHandler(SPKnot *knot, guint state)
if (state & GDK_SHIFT_MASK) {
SPDesktop *desktop = SP_ACTIVE_DESKTOP;
Inkscape::Preferences *prefs = Inkscape::Preferences::get();
Glib::ustring const unit_name = prefs->getString("/tools/measure/unit");
Glib::ustring const unit_name = prefs->getString("/tools/measure/unit", "px");
explicit_base = explicit_base_tmp;
Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::KnotPropertiesDialog::showDialog(desktop, knot, unit_name);
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