Commit 1f3f8bd4 authored by Jabier Arraiza's avatar Jabier Arraiza Committed by Jabier Arraiza
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Fix wrong scaling dragging multiple elements

When dragging complex items rendering is upscaled when snaping enabled
To fix it, I discard delayed snap previosly to move, they are in realyty outdated snape events so
we can remove safely and snap still works the same

Fix issue #inkscape1468 Rendering temporarily upscaled/displaced during move with lots of rectangles

(cherry picked from commit 1864d682)
parent f8222991
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......@@ -629,6 +629,7 @@ bool SelectTool::root_handler(GdkEvent* event) {
if (!_seltrans->isEmpty()) {
_seltrans->moveTo(p, event->button.state);
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