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    * Remove unused members and their forward-declarations and #includes. · 2f919085
    Daniel Boles authored
    * Replace raw pointers/new/delete with std::unique_ptr.
    * …NOT including SPDesktop deleting Canvas*Group @ dtor, which crashes…?
    * Replace public desktop, window, etc. pointers – with getters+setters.
    * Prefix those pointers w/ _ per coding style plus existing member vars.
    * Rename event_context & getEventContext() to tool & getTool() per revw.
    * Drop the infernal unneeded `dtw->` (copy of `this`) prefix where diff.
    * Remove unused (never populated) _connections and loop disconnect()ing.
    * Remove unused, always-false result from showInfoDialog() functions.
    * In inkscape-window, use make_managed(), instead of `new` and manage();
    * and avoid therein an unnecessary (tautological) dynamic_cast<>() call.
    * Use auto_connection instead of disconnect()ing in destructors.
    * Avoid raw `new` and `delete`, possible leaks in desktop.* w/ UPtr too.
    * Avoid unnecessary use of sigc::ptr_fun when can just use function ptr.
    * Bin pointless setting o...