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#Inkscape Manuals
This project is dedicated to the creation and to editing manuals for [Inkscape](
Each manual team can opt to write their manual on a different platform, or to create a folder in this repository for their manual.
The team can make use of the [issues section]( to track their progress and their members' responsibilities.
Everyone can create new issues/tasks.
Issues for each manual need to be tagged with the name of the manual they belong to.
## Inkscape Beginners' Guide
This book is created at [](
Task progress is being tracked here, with each issue tagged "Beginners' Guide".
To join the Beginners' Guide editors, register at, and [join the group](
Read the notes section of the book before you begin your work.
Look for open tasks in the [issue tracker](, and add a comment on the task if you would like to take it on. Only take on a task when you know you will be able to work on it. When you can no longer help with a task, please let the other editors know in a comment, so someone else can pick up where you left.
Subscribe to the [inkscape-docs mailing list]( for updates and discussions revolving around the manual (and other Inkscape documentation). This is also the place where you introduce yourself to the team and where you can ask questions when you need help (or where you can answer other people's questions).
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