Commit f3f16d9e authored by Gyuris Gellért's avatar Gyuris Gellért 🇭🇺 Committed by Maren Hachmann
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generate an error on invalid XML in PO files

Fixes #37

(cherry picked from commit 68c94e7a)
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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ keys.%.html: keys.%.xml # keys-html.xsl
# generate the localized XML version of the keys reference:
keys.%.xml: keys.xml
itstool --no-builtins --merge $< --its=docbook-keys-xml2po.its --output $@ keys.xml
itstool --no-builtins --strict --merge $< --its=docbook-keys-xml2po.its --output $@ keys.xml
# add last last revision date of keys.xml from git log to generated (tranlated) XMLs
sed -i -e "s/\$$revision_date/$$(git log -1 --pretty=format:"%cd" --date=short keys.xml)/g" $@
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ tutorial-$(TUTORIAL).%.svg: tutorial-$(TUTORIAL).%.xml ../tutorial-svg.xsl ../ma
# generate the localized XML version of the tutorial:
.PRECIOUS: tutorial-$(TUTORIAL).%.xml # keep the translated XML files around (no need to delete)
tutorial-$(TUTORIAL).%.xml: tutorial-$(TUTORIAL).xml
itstool --no-builtins --merge $< --its=../docbook-tutorials-xml2po.its --output $@ tutorial-$(TUTORIAL).xml
itstool --no-builtins --strict --merge $< --its=../docbook-tutorials-xml2po.its --output $@ tutorial-$(TUTORIAL).xml
# find translatable images
ALL_IMAGES := $(wildcard $(TUTORIAL)-f*.svg)
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