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Keep old issue template

I was wrong about the issue type, templates add an
issue description widget, not issue type widget.

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See our full bug reporting guidelines at
Writing a good bug report will ensure we'll be able to help efficiently. 🙂
#### Summary:
<!-- Summarize the issue/suggestion concisely: -->
... (write here)
#### Steps to reproduce:
<!-- Describe what you did (step-by-step) so we can reproduce: -->
- open Inkscape
- ...
#### What happened?
#### What should have happened?
Sample attachments:
<!-- Attach the sample file(s) highlighting the issue, if appropriate. -->
#### Version info
Open 'Help > About' and click on the little bug icon in the bottom right corner that copies the debug information to your clipboard. For command line users, run 'inkscape --debug-info'.
For Inkscape 1.0.2 and older, please manually add the Inkscape Version and Operating System Version. The Inkscape version is listed in the About dialog. For command line users, run 'inkscape -V'
Paste the information in the empty space between the apostrophes below:
❤️ Thank you for filling in a new bug report, we appreciate the help! ❤️
Please be patient while we try to find the time to look into your issue.
Remember that Inkscape is developed by volunteers in their spare time, we'll try our best to respond to all reports.
Please be careful when/after writing # for example in logs, code, or versions of linux
- use inline code span - single backticks (`) before and after it, like this - `#1618`
- use multi-line code block - triple backticks (```) to fence/enclose console logs
- attach long logs as a text file.
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