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Do not show deprecation warnings for 1.0 API in 1.0.x

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......@@ -361,34 +361,28 @@ class DeprecatedSvgMixin(object):
return self.selection
def set_selected(self, *ids):
return self.selection.set(*ids)
def get_z_selected(self):
return self.selection.paint_order()
def get_selected(self, *types):
return self.selection.filter(*types).values()
def get_selected_or_all(self, *types):
"""Set select_all = True in extension class"""
if not self.selection:
return self.selection.filter(*types)
def get_selected_bbox(self):
return self.selection.bounding_box()
def get_first_selected(self, *types):
"""selection.filter(*types).first() or [0] if you'd like an error"""
return self.selection.filter(*types).first()
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