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    Start moving the compiler to Ruby · cdcecbe6
    Yorick Peterse authored
    While Rust is a great language overall, I wasn't making as much progress
    writing a compiler in it as I hoped for. In particular I found myself
    fighting Rust more often than should be necessary. Perhaps I am to
    blame, perhaps Rust was too strict.
    Either way, since the goal is to make the compiler self hosting there's
    no point in spending months trying to implement a Rust based compiler.
    As such I decided to write the compiler in Ruby. Ruby has many flaws,
    but it makes it much easier to quickly write a compiler without having
    to fight the language all the time, at the cost of the occasional
    runtime error during development. For example, porting over most of the
    Rust code _and_ using a linear IR (instead of the tree IR used in the
    Rust compiler) only took a few days.
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