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    Move all "class" methods to module methods · 1a577430
    Yorick Peterse authored
    In the past I have gone back and forth a bit on the idea of using
    class/static methods or not. With this commit I'm making a final
    decision on this topic: Inko will not have class/static methods, at
    least not until 1.0. Instead, Inko will use module methods. This means
    that the following methods have been changed:
    * HashMap.from_array  -> std::hash_map.from_array
    * Trait.implement_for -> std::trait.implement
    * Integer.from_string -> std::integer.parse
    * Float.from_string   -> std::float.parse
    To make this happen some compiler changes had to be made to optimise
    `hash_map.from_array` and to use `trait.implement` instead of
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