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......@@ -34,12 +34,29 @@ this time. Inko only supports 64-bits architectures.
## Requirements
Building from source requires the following software to be available:
* Ruby 2.3 or newer and RubyGems, for the compiler
* Rust 1.34 or newer, using the 2018 edition
* Make 4.0 or newer
For Unix systems or MSYS2 on Windows you also need the following software:
* autoconf
* automake
* clang
* libtool
## Installation
Detailed installation instructions about the installation process can be found
at [Installing Inko](https://inko-lang.org/install/) on the Inko website.
### For users
If you want to install Inko from source and just use it (instead of hacking on
the code), follow the steps outlined below.
Installing all components can be done as follows:
make install
......@@ -68,6 +85,22 @@ Instead, use either the full path or use the `$HOME` variable:
make install PREFIX=$HOME/.local/share/inko
make install PREFIX=/home/alice/.local/share/inko
### For developers
Assuming you have cloned the repository, run the following:
make -C vm profile
This will compile the VM in release mode, with debugging symbols included. You
can then run Inko programs as follows:
env RUBYLIB=./compiler/lib ./compiler/bin/inko \
--vm vm/target/release/ivm \
-i runtime/src/ \
Here `PATH/TO/FILE.inko` would be the program to run.
## License
All source code in this repository is licensed under the Mozilla Public License
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