Commit 4da66ac9 authored by Cédric F.'s avatar Cédric F.

Use Makefile to build app

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all: lifechart
lifechart: src/*.elm
elm-make src/Lifechart.elm --yes --warn --output public/lifechart.js
uglifyjs --mangle --screw-ie8 --output public/lifechart.min.js -- public/lifechart.js
rm public/lifechart.js
watch: src/*.elm
elm-test --watch
$(RM) -r public/lifechart*.js elm-stuff/
.PHONY: watch clean
#!/bin/bash -eux
cd $(dirname $0)
elm-make Lifechart.elm --warn --output lifechart.js
uglifyjs --mangle --screw-ie8 --output lifechart.min.js -- lifechart.js
[ -d dist ] || mkdir dist
cp -v index.html lifechart.min.js dist/
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