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The July 2017 meeting of "Indian Linux User Group, Mumbai (ILUG-BOM)",
will be held on 8th July 2017, 15:00 to 16:00 IST.
was held on 8th July 2017, 15:00 to 16:00 IST.
IT Lab 5, First Floor, D - Wing,
IT Lab 7, First Floor, D - Wing,
Department of Information Technology,
Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla (W).
10 min from Vidyavihar Station (W).
......@@ -19,5 +19,29 @@ Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla (W).
1. 1 hour - Frappe framework and ERPNext, Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. team.
2. Floor open for relevant discussions.
**Meeting Summary**
The meetup began with Rushabh's session on [frappe]( framework which is used in [Erpnext]( application.
We also had some guests who are faculty in local college.
You can download Rushabhs presentation from the link [here]( It has all the details and screenshots of the applications UI. Rushabh began by explaining what a web framework is and why they started building a framework instead of using an existing one.
You can also read the full story [here](
Rushabh explained what is included in the full stack framework and then talked about the UI aspect of the framework,
it includes a lot of functionality and one can say it follows the “batteries included” approach of python.
It has features such as List views Form views, invoices, mail integration, its own scheduler and background process handler,
resource & user managment, kanban style cards similar to trello, calendar, storage like google drive, anything that you can think of which aids ERP.
Collaboration is also easy and it has a very granular level of permision settings.
Rushabh said that their future goal is making erpnext a standalone application with the help of electron framework.
They are also trying to switch to pure javascript and use less python.
The second part of the meet was discussion with the faculty members about promoting FOSS more in junior colleges.
The teachers expressed concerns about training required for migration. There was a lengthy discussion about how to tackle the problem.
They also provided us with the existing journals and syllabus. Teachers informed us that the online exams use a tool built on .net and wanted to know how that can be migrated.
They suggested that we should target 11th std and also schools and slowly introduce FOSS one step at a time.
Thank you
[View original post on the mailing list](
[Meeting Summary on mailing list](
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