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A command tool to add, update or remove packages from your personal Arch Linux repository.
## Configuration
You have to set properly your repoman configuration: you must edit _/etc/repoman.conf_ or copy it as _~/.repoman.conf_
## Examples
$ repoman -S --new foo //Add foo to your new repo
$ repoman -R foo //Remove foo from your repo
$ repoman -Se foo //Add foo to your repo, do not extract source tarball (using $workspace/pkgs/foo/src dir)
$ repoman -Svb foo //Add foo to your repo, verbose, overwrite the existing foo package if exists in in $workspace/
$ repoman -Sfl foo //Add foo to your repo although it is already in your repo and with the same version, log makepkg output
$ repoman -S foo --nochangelog --noconfirm //Add a package, do not use a changelog file, do not ask
$ repoman -Sp foo //Add a package to your repo built using the PKGBUILD from $workspace/pkgs/foo/PKGBUILD
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