Commit 03d63de2 authored by Andrea Scarpino's avatar Andrea Scarpino

minor fixes

parent b79401ab
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ usage(){
printf " -e, --noextract do not extract source files (use existing pkgs/src/ dir)\n"
printf " -f, --force build packages if already on repo\n"
printf " -l, --log enable makepkg to log package build process\n"
printf " -p. --pkgbuild use an alternative PKGBUILD"
printf " -p. --pkgbuild use an alternative PKGBUILD\n"
printf " --new create a new repository\'s database\n"
printf " --noupload do not upload any file to ftp\n"
printf " --nochangelog do not use a changelog file\n"
......@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@ cleanup_ftp(){
[ ! -z ${packageinfo} ] && files="${files} ${packageinfo}-*.pkg.tar.*"
if [ ! -z ${files} ]; then
if [ ! -z "${files}" ]; then
if [ "${VERBOSE}" == "true" ]; then
lftp -u "${USERNAME}","${PASSWORD}" -e "${LFTP_CMDS}; mrm ${files}; exit" "${FTP_URL}/${FTP_DIR}" || print_warning "cannot remove files from FTP"
printf "\n"
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