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    [service]: Activated different security features and disabled logfile · eef17741
    Christian Rebischke authored
    There is no need for a call like `usr/bin/sh -c 'arch-audit -uq >
    /tmp/arch-audit.log'` journald will log every output to STDOUT, STDERR
    etc. The logfile for arch-audit will be `journalctl -u
    I've also activated a few security features that systemd provides:
    * PrivateTmp (arch-audit will have an own /tmp dir)
    * ProtectSystem=full (arch-audit will have no write access to /usr /boot
    or /etc)
    * ProtectHome (arch-audit will have no access to user /homes/)
    * PrivateDevices (arch audit will have no access to devices like
    /dev/sda, only to a few dummy devices like /dev/urandom etc)
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