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An RSS feed generator based on Google+ posts.

At the moment Google+ API allows to fetch only public posts. Good news is that you can fetch anyone posts, not only yours. Also, Feed+ allows to filter posts by hashtags.

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    --id, --user <id>            Google+ user ID
-f, --filter <tag1, tag2, ...>   Fetch only posts having these hashtags
-l, --limit <n>                  Fetch at most N posts per feed (default: 20)
-t, --title <title>              Feed title
-u, --url <url>                  Feed URL
-h, --help                       Show this help

Example usage

ruby feedplus.rb --id 104652450278570828775 -f kde, qt -t "Andrea Scarpino - KDE" -u "http://www.andreascarpino.it/kde.xml"


You need the bundler gem (ruby), then exec:

$ git clone https://gitlab.com/ascarpino/Feedplus.git
$ cd feedplus
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install
$ ruby feedplus.rb -h