Commit d1d9ff5a authored by Patrik Dufresne's avatar Patrik Dufresne

Add Jenkins pipeline

parent f99c2ee5
pipeline {
environment {
NEXUS = credentials("local-nexus")
GITLAB = credentials("gitlab-jenkins")
parameters {
booleanParam(defaultValue: false, description: 'Generate a release build with a tagged version.', name: 'Release')
agent {
docker {
image 'jamesdbloom/docker-java7-maven'
args '-v $HOME/.m2:/root/.m2'
stages {
stage ('Setup') {
steps {
sh 'apt-get update && apt-get -qq install maven swig build-essential gcc-mingw-w64 mingw-w64 g++-multilib'
stage ('Build') {
steps {
writeFile file: "settings.xml", text: "<settings><servers><server><id>patrikdufresne</id><username>${NEXUS_USR}</username><password>${NEXUS_PSW}</password></server></servers></settings>"
sh 'mvn --settings settings.xml -U -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true clean deploy'
stage ('Release') {
when {
environment name: 'Release', value: 'true'
steps {
script {
// We want to pick up the version from the pom
pom = readMavenPom file: 'pom.xml'
version = pom.version.replace("-SNAPSHOT", "-${BUILD_NUMBER}")
sh 'git checkout .'
sh "mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=${version}"
sh "mvn --settings settings.xml -U -Dmaven.test.skip=true deploy"
sh """
git config --local "[email protected]"
git config --local "Jenkins"
git tag 'v${version}'
export REPO=`git config remote.origin.url`
git push http://${GITLAB}@\044{REPO#*//} --tags
addInfoBadge "v${version}"
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