Commit 78bd7d99 authored by Max Bebök's avatar Max Bebök


parent 9ef4f7f3
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ The current released and prebuilt stable version is: **2.2.0**
#36 - added a button in the launcher to open the Wiki <br/>
#dev - Holding ALT while moving an actor snaps it to the grid (0.5 units by default) <br/>
#dev - Clone / Add now generates a new HashId (by using the biggest one + 1) <br/>
#dev - Cloning an actor will not put the new one in focus (allows for multi-click on that button) <br/>
#dev - Cloning an actor will now put the new one in focus (allows for multi-click on the clone button) <br/>
#dev - Adding new actors (buttons on the left side in shrine/field editor) <br/>
#dev - Actor templates added (left side), allows easy creation of event systems like doors <br/>
#dev - experimental visualization of actor links in 3d-view (render-settings on the left, slow in field editor) <br/>
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