Commit 527d2b46 authored by Ian Seyler's avatar Ian Seyler

Update smptest.c

parent 358aa57b
......@@ -25,6 +25,13 @@ int main(void)
// The mutex is used so only one CPU can output its message at a time
void smp_task()
unsigned long APIC_ID = 0;
b_system(SMP_LOCK, (void *)outputlock, 0);
b_output(message, 18);
b_system(SMP_GET_ID, (void *)&APIC_ID, 0);
b_system(DEBUG_DUMP_RAX, (void *)APIC_ID, 0);
b_output(newline, 1);
b_system(SMP_UNLOCK, (void *)outputlock, 0);
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