chore(Docker): correctly install package globally

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......@@ -15,14 +15,13 @@ RUN apk update && \
apk add --no-cache --progress git
# Copy only those files required in production.
COPY package.json package.json
COPY yarn.lock yarn.lock
COPY src/ src/
COPY package.json /tmp/semantic-release-github/package.json
COPY yarn.lock /tmp/semantic-release-github/yarn.lock
COPY src/ /tmp/semantic-release-github/src/
# Install only production dependencies for the `semantic-release-github` package.
# We create a symbolic link in the global binary directory that points to the `semantic-release-github` executable.
RUN yarn install --production && \
yarn link
RUN yarn global add file:/tmp/semantic-release-github/
# Command to execute within the Docker container when executed by `docker run`, and unless overriden by `--entrypoint`.
# This command causes the container to automatically run the release tool, `semantic-release-github`, within the working directory.
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