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    Summary of changes from v2.4.20-pre1 to v2.4.20-pre2 · 7f08d882
    linus1 authored
      o Add pci id to tulip net driver
      o VLAN: Fix gcc-3.1 warnings
      o Add pci id to tulip net driver
      o 1/18 s390 architecture core updates
      o Pass 'unsigned long' not 'long' as argument to save_flags, in several old net drivers
      o drivers/net/bonding.c: Handle non-ETHTOOL devices more correctly
      o x.patch
      o include/net/tcp.h: Kill redundant declaration
      o Fix spelling in natsemi net driver
      o Fix MODULE_DESCRIPTION of olympic and pss drivers
      o drivers/sbus/char/Config.in: Avoid using ARCH
      o drivers/sbus/char/Config.in: Avoid using ARCH
      o Update net driver Config.in texts to indicate their dependency
      o Mark drivers/net/Config.in entries that depends on CONFIG_OBSOLETE with "(OBSOLETE)" text.
      o Many files
      o reiserfs_fs.h, namei.c, bitmap.c
      o Configure.help, Config.in
      o tail_conversion.c, namei.c
      o inode.c
      o reiserfs_fs.h, namei.c, journal.c
      o Many files
      o dump_stack()
      o backport yield() and conditional reschedule changes from
      o small VM updates from -aa (1/5)
      o small VM updates from -aa (2/5)
      o small VM updates from -aa (4/5)
      o small VM updates from -aa (5/5)
      o use slab for kiobufs and allocate it's bhs dynamically
      o add missing prototype to arch/i386/kernel/setup.c
      o i386 stackoverflow checker
      o Re: [PATCH] small VM updates from -aa (3/5)
      o conditionally re-enable per-disk stats, convert to seq_file
      o for_each_pgdat/for_each_zone
      o implement kmem_cache_size()
      o advanced f00f bug detection & workaround
      o cure the leftovers of the CONFIG_ISA / X86_64 patch
      o use for_each_pgdat in try_to_free_pages_nozone
      o __set_64bit needs lock prefix
      o minor VM changes from -aa (2/3)
      o minor VM changes from -aa (3/3)
      o net/ipv4/ipconfig.c: [TRIVIAL] fix a typo
      o include/linux/netdevice.h: [TRIVIAL] Use ___cacheline_aligned
      o include/net/tcp.h: [TRIVIAL] Use ___cacheline_aligned
      o Add pci id to orinoco wireless net driver
      o Fix typos in 8139cp net driver RxProto{TCP,UDP} constants
      o net/ipv4/tcp.c: Fix comment typo
      o arch/sparc64/kernel/time.c: Fix comment typo
      o net/sched/sch_ingress.c: [TRIVIAL] Fix debugging printk typo
      o e1000 net driver cleanups
      o Get hamachi net driver RX working again
      o Fix epic100 net driver
      o Fix use of pointer after kfree(), in au1000_eth net driver
      o Update old eepro net driver
      o Yet another new tulip pci id
      o Add Conexant LANfinity support to tulip net driver
      o [DECNET]: Fix route device refcounting
      o DECnet bug fix
      o Natsemi ethernet driver fixes
      o Natsemi ethernet fixes
      o Lindent drivers/char/nvram.c in anticipation of more patching
      o clean up 'return (x);' style stuff into 'return x' in nvram.c
      o Fix a typo, so people can have clean logs.  Sheesh :)
      o Remove inappropriate use of set_bit in dl2k gige net driver
      o APM fix for 2.4.20pre1
      o Add two pci ids to 8139too net driver
    Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>:
      o fix compile problem with multiquad
      o add befs to the list of fs docs
      o parisc doc stuff
      o janitorials on copy_user
      o fix cyclades warning
      o fix up the formatting in Config.in add HP stuff
      o update Makefile for drivers/char for HP bits
      o add author tags to tosh driver
      o fix warnings
      o pcxx janitorials
      o fix wrong bracketing
      o fix formatting the x86_64 people borked
      o ; yet another missing sign check
      o update drivers/Makefile for hp
      o remove unneeded parisc special case
      o undo formatting mess from x86_64, correct list a bit
      o fixup depca, fix a missing sign check
      o fixup e100,e1000
      o switch ne2100 to static not extern inline
      o add new ids to hp driver, plus alignment stuff
      o fix compile warning
      o arch/parisc
      o remove bogus x86_64 junk
      o update lasi driver
      o fix warnings
      o remove bogus x86_64isms, fix warnings
      o fix warning
      o remove unused bits
      o update HP lasi scsi driver
      o fix pas16 command option parsing
      o typo
      o HP fixes for sym2 - approved by maintainer
      o HP Zalon scsi driver
      o fix warning in bin2hex
      o missing semaphore drop on error path
      o update framebuffer fbcon logic for HP
      o fbmem for hp
      o video Makefile for HP
      o fix warning in pm3
      o befs uses NLS
      o ATM warning fixes
    Andrew Morton <akpm@zip.com.au>:
      o Fix set_page_dirty race
    Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>:
      o Ignore Subversion RCS files
    Brad Hards <bhards@bigpond.net.au>:
      o Remove unneeded #includes from 3c359, sbni, and sdla_ft1 net drivers
    Christoph Hellwig <hch@infradead.org>:
      o Clean up eepro100 net driver update from David M-T
    David S. Miller <davem@nuts.ninka.net>:
      o IPv4: Fix MSG_DONTWAIT behavior on output fragmentation
      o VLAN dev: Fix hard_start_xmit return values
      o [NETFILTER]: Add some new iptables modules. (from laforge@gnumonks.com)
      o include/linux/netdevice.h: Define HAVE_NETDEV_POLL
    David Woodhouse <dwmw2@infradead.org>:
      o linux-2.4.19-pre10-shared-zlib
      o Trivial JFFS2 oops fix
    Eric Sandeen <sandeen@sgi.com>:
      o Fix printk, remove dead prototype in rcpci45 net driver
      o Fix warning in ppp_generic
      o Remove unused var and unused func from ali-ircc IrDA driver
    Gerd Knorr <kraxel@bytesex.org>:
      o btaudio driver update
      o gemtek radio driver fix
      o video4linux i2c audio modules update
      o bttv documentation update
      o video4linux tuner update
      o bttv driver update
    Greg Kroah-Hartman <greg@kroah.com>:
      o USB pl2303 driver
      o USB: usb.h cleanups, typedef removed for iso packets, and whitespace changes
      o USB: removed urb_t typedef
      o USB: removed the devrequest typedef
      o USB: added TI edgeport usb to serial driver
      o USB: added new host controller driver for HC_SL811 devices
      o USB: added aiptek driver
      o USB: added tiglusb driver
      o USB: added usb-midi driver
      o USB: added new drivers to the build
      o USB: bluetooth fixes for usb typedef cleanups
      o ACPI PCI Hotplug driver update
      o IBM PCI Hotplug driver update
    Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>:
      o net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_nat_core.c: Fix memory leak on unload
      o [IP_{CONNTRACK,NAT}_{IRC,FTP}] Handle helper registration failure properly
      o [NETFILTER]: Backport newnat infrastructure to 2.4.x
      o [NETFILTER]: REJECT packet should not inherit nfmark of original packet
      o [NETFILTER]: Two functions which should be static in ipt_ah.c are not
      o [NETFILTER]: Allow owner match module match process names
      o include/linux/kernel.h: Define HIPQUAD correctly on little-endian
    Jean Tourrilhes <jt@bougret.hpl.hp.com>:
      o New Wireless Extension API - part2
      o wavelan_cs update (v23)
      o Fix dev->trans_start in wavelan
      o ir240_trivial_fixes-3.diff
      o ir240_sys_max_tx-2.diff
      o ir240_irnet_disc_ind_again.diff
      o ir240_discovery_fixes.diff
      o IrDA NSC driver add new chip
      o IrDA irtty bugfixes
      o IrDA: Make discovery expiry work properly for non default period
      o Add new IrDA dongle drivers
    Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@mandrakesoft.com>:
      o Add e100 and e1000 net driver docs
      o Merge spelling fixes from Rusty's "trivial" patch collection
      o Update 3c509 net driver to move MODULE_LICENSE outside all ifdefs
      o Include linux/bitops in e100 net driver, it uses ffs() (Noticed by DaveM)
      o Update 8139too net driver to make new rx-reset method the default
      o Fix mistake in 8139too net driver Config.in entry
      o Proper support for RTL8139 rev K in 8139too net driver
      o Release 8139too net driver version 0.9.26
      o Fix TX checksumming in 8139cp net driver (the feature is still ifdef'd out by default, however)
      o Add 64-bit DMA support to 8139cp net driver
    Jens Axboe <axboe@suse.de>:
      o Add block IO directly from highmem support
      o ext3 __FUNCTION__ usage in 2.4
      o sr scatter oops
    J�rgen E. Fischer <fischer@linux-buechse.de>:
      o Fix AHA152X problem
    Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@plucky.distro.conectiva>:
      o Import patch revert-x8664-config-change.patch
      o Remove duplicate MAINTAINERS entry
      o Import patch revert-wrong-kconfig-syncbanner
      o Changed EXTRAVERSION to pre2
      o Add missing bracket missing in hch's __free_pages_ok() patch
    Neil Brown <neilb@cse.unsw.edu.au>:
      o knfsd - 1/19 - Tidy up code in nfsd_lookup
      o knfsd - 2/19 - Tidyup init/exit of nfsd module
      o knfsd - 3/19 - Support fsid=<number> export option to be
      o 1 of 11 - Claim semaphore for ->lookup call
      o 2 of 11 - Change sunrpc to use more list.h lists
      o 3 of 11 - Get sunrpc to use module_init properly
      o 4 of 11 - Tidy up SMP locking for svc_sock
      o 5 of 11 - Detect and close tcp connections that we cannot
      o 6 of 11 - Close idle rpc/tcp sockets
      o 7 of 11 - Cope with short read when reading length of
      o 8 of 11 - Make sure there is alway adequate sndbuf space
      o 9 of 11 - Limit number of active tcp connections to an RPC
      o 10 of 11 - Allow  SO_REUSEADDR for NFS sockets
    Olaf Hering <olh@suse.de>:
      o drivers/macintosh only on ppc32
    Paul Mackerras <paulus@samba.org>:
      o PPC32: Start moving files to their new locations
      o PPC32: adjustments to correspond with the new locations of files
      o PPC32: more include and Makefile fixes
    Pavel Machek <pavel@ucw.cz>:
      o Remove unnecessary prototypes in eepro100 net driver
    pavel@janik.cz <Pavel@Janik.cz>:
      o Probe port 0x240 too, in eexpress net driver
    Petr Vandrovec <vandrove@vc.cvut.cz>:
      o ncpfs reports ESTALE in 2.4.19
    Rob Radez <rob@osinvestor.com>:
      o SPARC: Get sun4c working again
      o Documentation/Configure.help: CONFIG_SPARCAUDIO_DBRI applies to LX systems too
    Russell King <rmk@arm.linux.org.uk>:
      o if_ether.h: Use packed attribute where necessary
      o ip6_tables.c: Uncomment debugging printf
    Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>:
      o warning cleanup for drivers/video/sstfb.c
      o documentation typos in
      o header cleanup - arch_ppc64_kernel_htab.c
      o cure gcc3 warning in arch_i386_kernel_apm.c
      o Fix type of compute_loop_size()
      o Re: header cleanup - drivers_net_wan_sdla_ft1.c
      o header cleanup - drivers_net_wan_sbni.c
      o make awe_wave use struct isapnp_device_id
      o explicit signed char cast in i386 spin_is_locked
      o 40) request_region check, 31-40
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (6_16)
      o Typo in linux_arch_i386_kernel_apic.c
      o cure compiler warnings in arch_i386_kernel_setup.c
      o [PATCH][trivial] silence disable_ide_dma warning in
      o header cleanup - drivers_bluetooth_hci_ldisc.c
      o fix "inline" placement in serial.c
      o warning cleanup for drivers_media_video_zr36067.c
      o silence APIC errors a bit
      o warning cleanup for drivers_atm_atmtcp.c
      o warning cleanup for drivers_message_i2o_i2o_pci.c
      o Typo in arch_mips_dec_wbflush.c
      o Typo in linux_fs_partitions_msdos.c
      o Trivial Patch to sched.h for
      o Maxium inline patch is 40 kilobytes, not kilobits
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (1_12)
      o Fix conflicting md_cpu_has_mmx definitions
      o Fix typo in mm_slab.c
      o Typo in linux_arch_i386_kernel_smp.c
      o Typo in linux_include_asm-cris_pgtable.h
      o 2.5: kconfig spurious bool default value (1_3)
      o Typo in linux_arch_mips64_kernel_irq.c
      o redundant declarations (#10_15)
      o Typo in linux_kernel_pm.c
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners 3
      o Typos in linux_arch_i386_kernel_io_apic.c
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL (1_14)
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (2_12)
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (4_16)
      o 25) request_region check, 21-30
      o Typo in linux_arch_i386_kernel_mpparse.c
      o redundant declarations (#11_15)
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL (3_14)
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (6_12)
      o Typo in linux_include_asm-m68k_mac_via.h
      o Typo in linux_net_sunrpc_xprt.c
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners 2 (2_3)
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL 2 (5_7)
      o Typo in linux_include_linux_raid_md_k.h
      o [patch, 2.4] cs4232.c doesn't kfree on error path
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (8_16)
      o Typos in linux_drivers_mtd_devices_blkmtd.c
      o Typos in Documentation_video4linux_meye.txt (2.4.19-rc1)
      o ipc_ statics
      o correct inaccurate comment regarding zone_table's usage
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (16_16)
      o Typo in linux_include_asm-sh_pgtable-2level.h
      o Typo in linux_include_linux_brlock.h
      o drm_mga bitops -> long fix
      o Typo in linux_arch_mips64_math-emu_ieee754.c
      o Typo in linux_net_unix_af_unix.c
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (7_12)
      o Typo in linux_kernel_fork.c
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL 2 (6_7)
      o Typo in linux_arch_ppc64_kernel_pSeries_pci.c
      o redundant declarations (#8_15)
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (11_16)
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (9_12)
      o Typo in linux_net_sched_sch_ingress.c
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (8_12)
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL (9_14)
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (12_12)
      o Typo in linux_net_ipv4_tcp.c
      o Typos in linux_mm_highmem.c
      o ia64 incorrect field name in message
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL (6_14)
      o Typo in linux_arch_i386_kernel_setup.c
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (14_16)
      o Typo in linux_drivers_media_video_pms.c
      o 2.5: kconfig EXPERIMENTAL misformed
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (4_12)
      o Fix typo in net_ipv4_ipconfig.c
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL (12_14)
      o Typo in linux_arch_ia64_sn_fakeprom_README
      o Typo in linux_fs_pipe.c
      o Typo in linux_drivers_isdn_isdn_ppp.c
      o Typo in linux_drivers_sound_cs4232.c
      o Typo in linux_drivers_ide_ide-geometry.c
      o kerneldoc: In kernel-hacking describe designated
      o 2.5: kconfig sychronise banners (2_16)
      o Use proper ____cacheline_aligned define in
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (11_12)
      o 2.5: kconfig use of $ARCH (10_12)
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (5_16)
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL 2 (2_7)
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (1_16)
      o Typo in linux_arch_sparc64_kernel_time.c
      o 2.5: kconfig synchronise banners (3_16)
      o 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL 2 (1_7)
    Tom Rini <trini@kernel.crashing.org>:
      o PPC32: Remove arch/ppc/kernel/local_irq.h as well as move some headers to include/asm-ppc
      o PPC32: Change pcibios_assign_all_busses into a marco
      o PPC32: Don't report the TAU feature on any of the MPC745x CPUs, as it's not supported
      o PPC32: Move arch/ppc/kernel/ppc_asm.h to include/asm-ppc/ppc_asm.h
      o PPC32: Have arch/ppc/kernel/ptrace.c point to 'COPYING' instead of 'README.legal'