1. 30 Jan, 2017 3 commits
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      Added a placeholder blog page. · ab3d5b5b
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      I like it.
      Also changed something in 404.html. not sure it does anything though.
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      Moved the 404 css into its own scss and fixed the issues · c1af3a9a
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      Since I was loading the homepage's css, it was loading incorrect stuff for main#main. Now, the current 404 page is identical to the original one.
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      The 404 page wasn't loading the correct CSS file · a41ade17
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      I'd changed over every page to use style.css now that I can generate custom stylesheets with SASS. Left the 404 page on base.css.
      I'd love to change the 404 page over to a template like the rest of the pages are, but with the amount of changes I make, it's not really possible.
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