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<h1 class="cent-head">IxiaBot Cheat Sheet</h1>
<h2>Simple Commands:</h2>
Manage commands with `!com`
<h3>To add a command:</h3>
`!com add !example Here is an example command`
Simply adds a command that anyone can use
`!com edit !example Here is an example command`
This does the exact same as above, as `add` and `edit` are interchangable
`!com add !subexample %60% Here is an example command that only subscribers can use`
Adding a number surrounded with `%` after the command will limit the command to a certain tier of user. See these tiers below.
Be careful, as there aren't too many checks in place, and it may be possible to overwrite non-simple commands (!uptime, for example)
<h3>To remove a command:</h3>
`!com remove !example`
`!com delete !example`
Both of these commands do the same thing
<h3>Fun tricks with Simple Commands:</h3>
`{}` denotes a replacement. Here are all the valid characters
`c` is used for how many times the command has been called (see `!cuck`)
`s` is used to get the command's invoker
A positive integer (starting from 1) can be used to pass information into the command's output. These can be combined (and should be combined) with an `s`.
For example, if I had the command `!test`, which said `Hello {s1}!`, if I invoked it, it would have the output `Hello Hydrox6!`. However, if I did `!test IxiaBot` instead, the output would be `Hello IxiaBot!`
Adding an `@{s1}` to the start of commands is a very good idea, as if someone asks about something that's in a command, you can add their name after the command
<h2>Killcount commands</h2>
This command keeps a track of the currently selected killcount.
`!kc` will get the currently selected killcount
`!kc Example Boss` will get the killcount of "Example Boss", if it is tracked
`!kcset 80` will set the currently selected killcount to 80
`!kcset Example Boss` will set the currently selected killcount to "Example Boss" without changing its killcount
`!kcset 80 Example Boss` will set the currently selected killcount to "Example Boss", and also set the amount of kills to 80
`!kclist` will list all the currently tracked killcounts
`!kcrem Example Boss` will stop "Example Boss" from being tracked, if it was being tracked at first
There's also an !uptime command
<h2>User levels:</h2>
* STAFF = 10
* ADMIN = 20
* NORMAL = 70
* UNKNOWN = 1000
Please note that the only tiers that are currently tracked are:
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