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# OSRS-PetListGen
# OldSchool RuneScape Pet List Generator
A Python 3 Oldschool Runescape Pet List Generator. Outputs an image such as
An Oldschool Runescape Pet List Generator, initially prototyped in Python 3, with a web-hosted JavaScript version following in its footsteps.
![this one](
|The JavaScript version makes images like this:|Whereas the Python 3 version made images like this:|
## How to use?
1. Download and install Python 3.5. It may work on later versions, but it is not tested on anything but 3.5.3. Make sure to install Pip during installation.
2. Install [`pillow`]( using `pip install pillow`.
3. Download a copy of this repository, either through `git` or as a zip from [here](
4. Rename `example_pets.txt` to `pets.txt`.
5. Edit `pets.txt` to have include your killcount or xp for each pet. Use 5 or less characters per killcount to avoid cutoff.
6. Download the `Runescape Chat Font` from [here]( and extract `runescape_chat_font.ttf` into the same directory as ``.
7. Run ``. A file called `pets.png` should be generated in the same directory as ``.
8. (Optional) There are options that can be changed about the output, specifically the output scale (default 2) and the distance between each pet image (default 10). There are 2 ways to change these. Either edit ``, changing `scale_factor` and/or `gap_between_pets` at the top of the file, or when running the script, use the format ` scale distance`, where `scale` and `distance` are integers that change `scale_factor` and `gap_between_pets` respectively at runtime.
Click [here]( to go to the online JavaScript version.
### Troubleshooting
Q. I get the error `ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 1)`
A. You removed the tab between the pet name and killcount in `pets.txt`. Add it back and it will work.
Q. I get the error `ImportError: No module named 'PIL`
A. Install `pillow`, step 2 of "How to Use".
Q. I get the error `FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: . . .`
A. At least one of the images in the directory `frame` or `pets` is missing from your computer. Try redownloading.
Q. I get the error `TypeError: integer argument expected, got float`
A. `scale_factor` or `gap_between_pets` are not integers. They both need to be Integers.
Legacy instructions for the Python 3 version can be found in [the Python3 Branch](
### Found a bug?
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