chore(deps): update dependency charset-normalizer to v3

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
charset-normalizer ==2.1.1 -> ==3.1.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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  • Argument should_rename_legacy for legacy function detect and disregard any new arguments without errors (MR #​262)
  • Support for Python 3.6 (MR #​260)
  • Optional speedup provided by mypy/c 1.0.1


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  • Multi-bytes cutter/chunk generator did not always cut correctly (MR #​233)
  • Speedup provided by mypy/c 0.990 on Python >= 3.7


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  • Extend the capability of explain=True when cp_isolation contains at most two entries (min one), will log in details of the Mess-detector results
  • Support for alternative language frequency set in charset_normalizer.assets.FREQUENCIES
  • Add parameter language_threshold in from_bytes, from_path and from_fp to adjust the minimum expected coherence ratio
  • normalizer --version now specify if current version provide extra speedup (meaning mypyc compilation whl)
  • Build with static metadata using 'build' frontend
  • Make the language detection stricter
  • Optional: Module can be compiled using Mypyc to provide an extra speedup up to 4x faster than v2.1
  • CLI with opt --normalize fail when using full path for files
  • TooManyAccentuatedPlugin induce false positive on the mess detection when too few alpha character have been fed to it
  • Sphinx warnings when generating the documentation
  • Coherence detector no longer return 'Simple English' instead return 'English'
  • Coherence detector no longer return 'Classical Chinese' instead return 'Chinese'
  • Breaking: Method first() and best() from CharsetMatch
  • UTF-7 will no longer appear as "detected" without a recognized SIG/mark (is unreliable/conflict with ASCII)
  • Breaking: Class aliases CharsetDetector, CharsetDoctor, CharsetNormalizerMatch and CharsetNormalizerMatches
  • Breaking: Top-level function normalize
  • Breaking: Properties chaos_secondary_pass, coherence_non_latin and w_counter from CharsetMatch
  • Support for the backport unicodedata2


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